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The founders of EMM-Agency, who are passionate about sound, came together to bring a new and unique experience to the event scene in Marrakesh. Their main focus is the sound atmosphere of events, offering a diverse range of options from classical live music to contemporary dances, all supported by top-notch sound equipment that can be adapted to any event configuration.

Regardless of the type of event you're planning, having the appropriate musical accompaniment at the correct volume and intensity is crucial for engaging your guests and leaving a lasting impression from start to finish. We achieve this goal for every project by offering the best value, the most innovative packages, and a highly skilled team.

An attentive team

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Innovative packages

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It has been our pleasure to form partnerships with numerous brands, whose trust we deeply acknowledge and appreciate

Sound-Design Experts

We understand the importance of the sound environment in enhancing brand identity and customer experience, which is why you can always count on us to deliver creative and professional sound solutions that will improve your business environment.

Our agency is renowned for its exceptional expertise in sound design. Regardless of the establishment, whether it be a restaurant, boutique, or any other type, we have the musical sensitivity to create an enchanting and memorable atmosphere.

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  • Super Pro team, fast and neat work. They have the attention to detail! I am very satisfied with the service.
    Dominique Djdomi
    Event organizer
  • Wonderful wedding evening ! Bravo and a big thank you for this beautiful atmosphere created
    H. Micollet
  • Efficiency, generosity and delicacy ! Bravo !
    Martin Becard
    MB Consulting, CEO

Artists dedicated to enhancing your event

With a distinctive approach aimed at serving a growing and diverse client base, our artists effortlessly and fearlessly embrace new trends with grace and audacity.

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You can also reach us directly by phone or via Whatsapp at: +212 6 20 14 52 88

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  • Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm